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In addition to players, coaches and volunteers, our classes are open to non-playing members and the wider FRUFC community. A summary of the membership options can be viewed here.

All classes are booked and paid for in advance using The Shed’s dedicated Gymmaster portal. You need to be signed up on the portal/app in order to attend our classes. You can view the full weekly timetable below.

The SHED classes are all at a cost of £6.50 per class. and are available to all Shed members.


HIIT workout involving short burst of high intensity exercises paired with low intensity recovery periods. A fast and effective way to train your cardiovascular fitness and blast your body into action. Suitable for 


Functional Circuits

Combining functional fitness with strength training. Catering for all abilities but more technical than the standard HIIT class.



If you’re interested in joining a FREE introductory class, or you would like to know more, please drop us an email.


Playing Squad Classes: 

In addition to our community classes we also run a number of free classes exclusively for playing squad members included within their squad memberships. these are subject to change throughout the season 


Youth S&C 

Coach led strength and conditioning session for the U16 Boys Squad

Academy Boys S&C

Coach led strength and conditioning session for the Boys Academy U18 and U17 squads

Falcons Academy and Eagles S&C

Coach led strength and conditioning session for the Girls U18 and U16 squads

Senior S&C

Coach led strength and conditioning session for Mens and Women's Senior squads

For more information about your squads classes please contact us at or your squads admin.

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