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The PT HUB provides further services to our members, and the wider FRUFC community. We offer a great space for 1-1 training. Scroll down to check out our amazing PT team!

Please contact our PTs directly to book in or get more information!

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Tom Charman

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"Since Graduating with a degree in Sports Science 2007, I have gained a whole lot of industry and life experience. I have had the pleasure of helping GB level triathletes, marathon runners, elite level cricket players and absolute beginners improve themselves.


I have learned that whilst we have good intentions and always want the best for ourselves and loved ones, sometimes the path to the “best” is not linear and stuff gets in the way. I will help you develop good habits, structure, self confidence and this will enable you to maximise your exercise time. I want you to reach the best version of you and I will do everything in my power to help.  If you can incorporate a balance of resistance and endurance training with movement into your day you will increase physical and mental performance and avoid injury.  I love functional, innovative strength and cardio training myself, which shapes the programming of my clients’ sessions, in or out of the gym. I hope my passion for fitness will help keep you motivated and progressing towards your best self. "

Tom specialises in helping clients:

  • lose fat

  • gain muscle

  • develop endurance and speed

  • improve technique

  • return from injury

  • grow in confidence

  • enjoy your training

Drop Tom an email to get booked in

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Heather Husmer

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"As a 25+-year veteran of fitness and strength and conditioning, I have seen all the trends in exercise, fitness and nutrition come and go. I am able to use my years of passionate work and education in the field to help each client find their path to fitness which will suit not only their goals but their life

Heather offers a bespoke service to meet the needs of the individual client so that they can improve their fitness and live the life to which they aspire, Heather helps the client find a way to include fitness, nutrition and self-care into their life in a manageable, achievable and fun way.


Heather's approach to fitness is not your 'bog standard' personal training.  Our lives are complex and multi-faceted, so too should your training and fitness regime make room for the many complexities of life. With a keen eye for form and technique, Heather will teach you the fundamentals of resistance training in a fun and safe environment. If you're already strength training, Heather's experience and expertise will ensure you are optimizing your training and progress.

Drop Heather an email to get booked in

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